Monday, November 13, 2017

Showgirl Travels to Chloride Arizona

 I had seen the signs so many times over the years.  The sign had character and I was intrigued.

Chloride Arizona.

So me, the hubster, and puppy dogs took a trip.

Chloride is about an hour and a half's drive from Las Vegas.     

US-95 to US-93 and look for the signs.  

When we traveled to Chloride (Historic 1860's silver mining town) I had no idea what to expect.  It's a kookie little ghost town but the real treat are  the murals.  Painted in the 1960's by artist Roy Purcell.  They are a fabulous example of the artwork of the "Hippie" culture.  They are really worth the walk to see them.  You cannot get to them by car, its a short hike.  The trek is worth it both to see the painting and its just great high dessert terrain.  


There is a "general store"  that of course has sodas, some groceries, hand made soaps and some nic nacs.  The gentleman that was running the store the day we stopped in is a great resource of what to see and do in the area.

We were there on a Sunday, only the restaurants and general store were open.  There were 2 other "antique" "thrift stores"  that looked very intriguing but were closed.  ;(


Take the short day trip, enjoy the dessert scenery and the wonderful artwork.  It is so worth it!

There are 2 restaurants in Chloride , Yesterday's  

and Digger Dave's

We did not eat but they looked fun and had lots people partaking in food and drink.


They have gun fight reenactments on Saturdays in the Cyanide Springs Ghost Town.   Sadly we were not there on a Saturday, but next time.  

While researching Chloride I found this fantastic site Ghost Town AZ, check it out.  Great photos, history, and new places to travel and discover.  

We will definitely return, now we know what to expect.  We may see you there.

Safe travels!   Live in the moment, enjoy the journey and the adventure.  Look around nature is wonderous!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My Competitive Edge

My Competitive edge.

Years of experience as an entertainer, I know the business

inside and out!

Have complete confidence in me and Premier Showgirls,

I have many years in the business of entertainment.

As a dancer, model, and Showgirl

My competitve edge is my experience in the talent / entertainment industry.
I was first a dancer but that led to many things from stunt work in motion pictures to the runway.
And everything in between.
I did what few entertainers actually achieve, I made a full time living.
That is not so rare in Las Vegas, but I am pretty proud I lived my dream and became a professional dancer/model/actress/host/brand ambassador...

Because of my knowledge and experience I am able to give all my clients personalized service and stear them in the direction that best suits their needs.
Because of my years as talent I know what it's like to be the talent, sometimes its the greatest job ever and sometimes it is tough work.  I understand, respect, and appreciate my talent because I know.
I also pay my talent standard rate, what they are worth.  You get what you pay for.  My reputation as performer was impeccable, with that reputation,  my appreciation of the talent themselves, and pay of my talent, talent wants to work for me.  
That gives me the pick of the litter.  I only work with those who I would not be embarrased to work along side as talent.  I pay well, but I demand the best.  100%

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Charcoal Facial Mask Review

I never do this but...I was sold by a Facebook add. Sucker!
I purchased the "magical" charcoal facial mask.
It promised to clean pores, removing make up, dirt, black and white heads.
It was about $14 with shipping and came with no instructions.

I have used it 3 times and be prepared it is messy.  The mask is an oogy thick black gel type fluid which is runny, so when you squeeze it from the tube work fast.  This stuff is not for prissies!

The 1st time I used the mask it was difficult to remove, because I didn't use nearly enough for it to dry into a mask that would simply peel off.  I had to really scrub my face to get it off.  Epic fail.
The 2nd time I used more but it still was not enough for a mask that would peel away.

This 3rd time I used a lot! And it worked!

Finally it was enough to form the plastic like mask that would peel off after drying.  But it was a tad painful, the mask is really stuck to your face.  Frenchie once said, "beauty is pain."

After I removed the mask, there were no visible signs of dirt, black heads etc.  on the mask.  I wanted to see something after the mess and pain!

My skin did feel clean and smooth.  It hurts as you peel it off, I will not lie.  I think it takes the 1st layer of skin off.

Also remember, this mask is goopy.
I would suggest using plastic gloves, because it gets all over your hands.  You really have to scrub to get it off.
The mask also left a mess in my sink.  But now my sink it super clean.... more scrubbing. 

So in short I probably would not order the product again.

I get more pore clearing / cleaning from Biore Strips and they are easier, quicker, less painful,  and not messy to use.  Aren't you glad sucker me bought this and not you!  ;)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Cinder Block Banquette

Creating seating in an eye sore of a planter box on the patio.

This was my inspiration.

And this is what I started with...  

Handy woman on the go!

A neighbor was giving these away, what luck!!

Cleaned and painted.

Started stacking and building.



This was not easy, I had to level the ground a bit and make sure each layer was as level as I could get it .

Cut and painted a sheet of plywood to fit and form top.

Used an old memory foam mattress, cut to size and covered.

And whalla!
Cute comfortable seating!  

A few pillows, a silver mannequin, some art and we are styling!
A new place to sit and blog!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Factory Girl: Eddie Sedgwick

 I love fashion and all things related!
A fan of vintage fashion, my favorite era's are the 50's and 60's.
The classic glamour of the 50's, the ultimate finished look.   Women looked fantastically polished!  Dressed to the 9's, with jewelry, shoes, hats, gloves, and purses all completing the final polished look.

The 60's broke away from this with the birth of mod.

I adore 60's  mod!
A number of women helped to create this new style, fashion, and attitude.
They broke rules and the strict fashion molds of previous era's.
The looks and styles they created are now iconic.
My favorite of these women is Eddie Sedgwick.

She was a society girl (famous for being rich and famous), model, and muse to Andy Warhol.
She was a fashion icon that alone developed a distinctively 60's mod style, she created her own unique make up that was completely over the top and became  popular with women of the era.

Eddie is an intriguing character, and I have been an admirer since I discovered her in high school.

A number of years ago a movie was made about Eddie's life and her time as a fixture at Andy Warhols' Factory.
As a movie buff , when the world of fashion collides with film what could be better!
Starring Sienna Miller, Guy Pierce, and Jimmy Fallon, Factory Girl did an excellent job recreating Eddie's style and attitude.

 My adoration for leopard / cheetah print and enormous jewelry may have begun when I discovered Eddie.
 I searched and searched for a leopard or cheetah print cap similar to the one Eddie was photographed wearing.  I luckily finally found a great vintage one.

I am obsessed her extra large earrings! Phenomenal statement pieces!
I have had an earring fetish since I first saw her with those grand earrings.
The bigger the better!

Her style, and mixing of prints broke all the rules!
Breaking the matchy match precedence of the previous decades.
Stripes and animal print; it doesn't get more groundbreaking and 60's mod than that!

And once for Halloween....

If you are interested in the 60's fashion,  Eddie, Warhol, or The Factory,
  Factory Girl is a worthwhile movie.
The fashion is on point!

For truly amazoid authentic 60's mod fashion films check out
  Who Are You, Polly Magoo?
Available on DVD through Netflix.
And Blow Up also available through Netflix
One of her movies Ciao! Manhatten is also available, it's pretty abstract / avaunt guard but if you can sit through it you get to see the real Eddie in action in all her fashion glory.  And surprisingly enough available through Netflix

There have been a couple books of photos of Eddie  published
Eddie: Girl on Fire
Eddie Factory Girl
a biography, Eddie: An American Girl

And of course
Pinterest is full of photos of her