The Reality of Finding "10 Things to Never Pass Up at Goodwill"

"10 Things to Never Pass Up at Goodwill"

Being an avid life long thrifter of course I read this article when I ran across it online.

Like I said I have been thrifting for years so I have a little bit of experience and of course an opinion... This article makes it sound easy and common to find these items talked about in this article.  After years of thrifting I have found this not the case.  The items featured are not typical thrift store finds and may happen only to the lucky and the avid thifters.

Finding good Tiffany, Gorham, or any other sterling or silver plate has never happened to me.  Also consider the amount of flatware that goes through these stores you would have to go through large amounts of the stuff and spent a considerable amount of time to find the "needle in the haystack".  That find is out there but definitely luck and a considerable amount of time to be spent to find it.    

In all the years of thrifting I have never found a piece of Jadeite at a thrift store.  That's not saying its not out there but it is a rare find.  So yes! Absolutely do not pass that up!

Books are another one similar to silver flatware.  Consider the multiple shelves of books in any given thrift store...

Depression glass; here is the thing with that. You have to know what you are looking for.  I have purchased what I found and thought to be good Depression Glass ( I come from a family of Antique dealers so I kind of know) then could not sell it.  I tried Ebay, antique mall, Etsy all to no avail and ended up donating it back.  Yes, there is some Depression Glass that is quite sought after and can bring a nice price.  The catch is you have to know what you are looking for!  

The other items they talk about are easier to find, but I do not know if what you would find would be highly valuable on the resale market but they are definitely cool finds.  Frames absolutely you can find some great ones.  Globes to, are out there to be found.  Vintage luggage is super on trend in décor right now so you are competing to find the good find on this one, but it is out there as well.  Colored Pyrex is also pretty sought after so its a little more of a rare find at a thrift store, people generally think kitchen items such as Pyrex are worth some $.  Canning jars I see from time to time, so far not of interest to me so I have not paid a whole lot of attention, but I do see them.  

Thrifting can be super fun and profitable.  Go on the hunt with an open mind, if you are focused on finding just specific items it can be frustrating and not successful.  Go with an open mind and enjoy the hunt and the find!  Good Luck!!



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