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Up With The Sun

As owner /  director of Premier Showgirls I get the opportunity to work with all sorts of wonderful people on all types of functions.Premier Showgirls basically is involved in all kinds of events.  From corporate functions, trade shows, wedding, and even marathons.  My job is never boring or dull.  Each event / booking is different.  I am hands on with everything booking of our talent.  I personally oversee and make sure that everything is customized for the client and their event.  I love my job!!
For the last 3 years we have been up with the sun for this super fun event.... Beyond Limits Running Jackpot Ultimate Running Festival.  Such great clients!!! 
Its early but so fun! 

We get to enjoy our beautiful city's amazing sun rise!  I feel so fortunate to live in this wonderful city.  The city that has allowed me to live my dreams!  #vegasstrong

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