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What it Takes: Hiring a Dancer or Asking Them to Perform at Your Event.

A friend / co-worker sent me this, it could not be more fitting in what I do!
This really explains perfectly what exactly goes into one performance!  Sums it up nicely! I recently worked on a 3 song performance for an International client.  Remarkably they understood what all was necessary to pull off the performance and that the cost reflected this.  But I am not always so lucky.  I explain frequently to clients what all is involved in just a single 3 minute one song performance.  It is hours of rehearsal, setting, blocking, perfecting choreography.  Its my time organizing all the performers, the choreographer, the costumes, the music, the contracts, and the rehearsal space.  Purchasing music tracks and having them edited if need be.    But in the end the results .... Well see for yourself!

All three numbers for this show required just over 9 hours of rehearsal.  

One on stage rehearsal and sound check day of show.

My fabulous cast of Showgirls, the choreographer, and me at rehearsa…

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