Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Draw Quality Like a Magnet

" Attracting quality employees is a lot easier when you're a quality employer.  Talented people seek organizations with exceptional standards and sparkling reputations.  To paraphrase the Center for Ethical Business Cultures, the most valuable employees want to contribute to their customers and to society, and to learn and grow themselves in the process.  In the war for talent, an ethical edge can hook the best people."  Tom Gegax 

The career move I took when I took over Premier Showgirls a year ago was thrilling and a bit scary but I knew that this was meant for me.  I had always had exceptional standards for myself as "talent" a Showgirl, model, dancer, etc.  I knew this would help me transition and keep Premier Showgirls growing and achieving great things.  I have always put my 110% out there.  If it is not my best I won't put it out there, after all it is MY NAME on it.... 

Premier Showgirls


I have a "sparkling reputation" as talent here in Las Vegas.  There is nothing I would do to tarnish that!  Its priceless and I worked very hard to gain the reputation of piers, agents, producers etc.  I love who I am, the career I built on hard work, honesty, and integrity.  

When I was styling and designing Fashion Shows, I loved the process of making it my absolute best product on that runway.  That is how I feel about Premier Showgirls.  I will not put anything but my very best costumes on the very best talent in town.  Yes, I am picky who I work with but I can tell you with no qualms they are some of THE BEST talent in Las Vegas.  90% of my Showgirls are real Las Vegas Showgirls, having been in live production shows here in Las Vegas.  The few that are not "real" Showgirls completely have what it takes and are in line to get the very highly sought after spots in the shows.

Every single one of my talented girls I would be proud to stand next to on stage or at an event!!!  I will not put a costume on a girl that I would not be thrilled to wear!  Yes, I still love to wear sequins, feathers, and rhinestones!!!


We have had some big name clients and gigs this past year and this is only the beginning... Here we GROW!!!!