Showgirl Travels to Chloride Arizona

 I had seen the signs so many times over the years.  The sign had character and I was intrigued.

Chloride Arizona.

So me, the hubster, and puppy dogs took a trip.

Chloride is about an hour and a half's drive from Las Vegas.     

US-95 to US-93 and look for the signs.  

When we traveled to Chloride (Historic 1860's silver mining town) I had no idea what to expect.  It's a kookie little ghost town but the real treat are  the murals.  Painted in the 1960's by artist Roy Purcell.  They are a fabulous example of the artwork of the "Hippie" culture.  They are really worth the walk to see them.  You cannot get to them by car, its a short hike.  The trek is worth it both to see the painting and its just great high dessert terrain.  


There is a "general store"  that of course has sodas, some groceries, hand made soaps and some nic nacs.  The gentleman that was running the store the day we stopped in is a great resource of what to see and do in the area.

We were there on a Sunday, only the restaurants and general store were open.  There were 2 other "antique" "thrift stores"  that looked very intriguing but were closed.  ;(


Take the short day trip, enjoy the dessert scenery and the wonderful artwork.  It is so worth it!

There are 2 restaurants in Chloride , Yesterday's  

and Digger Dave's

We did not eat but they looked fun and had lots people partaking in food and drink.


They have gun fight reenactments on Saturdays in the Cyanide Springs Ghost Town.   Sadly we were not there on a Saturday, but next time.  

While researching Chloride I found this fantastic site Ghost Town AZ, check it out.  Great photos, history, and new places to travel and discover.  

We will definitely return, now we know what to expect.  We may see you there.

Safe travels!   Live in the moment, enjoy the journey and the adventure.  Look around nature is wonderous!


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