Premier Showgirls Newest Costume

The newest costume...

I am frequently asked where I get my ideas / inspiration for my costume designs.

I am a retro buff and lover of all things vintage, especially movie musicals and vintage Vegas Showgirls.  So there you have it that is where most of my design inspiration comes from.

I was thrilled when a friend of mine gave me a terrific vintage magazine, with these gals on the cover.  WOW all things about this cover are fabu! And the costume, so loved the bow and the fringe.

I had some gorgeous bright orange feathers that I had special ordered for a client that ended up not getting used. 

I had some great hat bases that just needed a bit of a freshen up and feathers...

 Premier Showgirls

So... 2 hat forms, 3 dozen plumes, 8 yards of orange velvet ribbon, 8 orange beaded bows, 5 yards of silver fringe (actually they were belts), 6 yards of orange tulle, 2 very large rhinestone Christmans ornaments, 3 yards silver fabric, bailing wire, PVC pipe, styrofoam, 6 boas, about 12 lady hours. And whala.

I seriously love these costumes, the orange is so bright and happy, makes me smile. 

Of course the client was THRILLED we had a Las Vegas Showgirl Costume in 

their company colors! 

 Premier Showgirls Las Vegas

 Showgirls for Hire


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