Madame Coquette's Jazz House Cabaret

It is a little late in coming, here are some of the pics from our last performance of our talent showcase.

Make sure you make all the way to the end!  There is a video!

Madame Coquettes Jazz House Cabaret

our very extraordinaire hostess, Madame Coquette & Miss Pussy

Madame Coquette & Miss Pussy 

The French Vixen is a Heart Breaker

Heartbreak Hotel

Our super sultry French Vixen

OH! Cherry Cherry is so very....

Whatever Lola wants....

Lola gets...

The Lovely Shining Songstress 

I  don't want you sad & blue  I Just Want to ....

                                      Glamour times Deux 

You Give Me Fever...

Oh! La La

A Man's World


A Touch of Class

Take Me to Church 

Madame Coquette struts her stuff....

Top the night with a bit of Golden Glamour

W O M A N !
Watch the Video


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