The Factory Girl: Eddie Sedgwick

 I love fashion and all things related!
A fan of vintage fashion, my favorite era's are the 50's and 60's.
The classic glamour of the 50's, the ultimate finished look.   Women looked fantastically polished!  Dressed to the 9's, with jewelry, shoes, hats, gloves, and purses all completing the final polished look.

The 60's broke away from this with the birth of mod.

I adore 60's  mod!
A number of women helped to create this new style, fashion, and attitude.
They broke rules and the strict fashion molds of previous era's.
The looks and styles they created are now iconic.
My favorite of these women is Eddie Sedgwick.

She was a society girl (famous for being rich and famous), model, and muse to Andy Warhol.
She was a fashion icon that alone developed a distinctively 60's mod style, she created her own unique make up that was completely over the top and became  popular with women of the era.

Eddie is an intriguing character, and I have been an admirer since I discovered her in high school.

A number of years ago a movie was made about Eddie's life and her time as a fixture at Andy Warhols' Factory.
As a movie buff , when the world of fashion collides with film what could be better!
Starring Sienna Miller, Guy Pierce, and Jimmy Fallon, Factory Girl did an excellent job recreating Eddie's style and attitude.

 My adoration for leopard / cheetah print and enormous jewelry may have begun when I discovered Eddie.
 I searched and searched for a leopard or cheetah print cap similar to the one Eddie was photographed wearing.  I luckily finally found a great vintage one.

I am obsessed her extra large earrings! Phenomenal statement pieces!
I have had an earring fetish since I first saw her with those grand earrings.
The bigger the better!

Her style, and mixing of prints broke all the rules!
Breaking the matchy match precedence of the previous decades.
Stripes and animal print; it doesn't get more groundbreaking and 60's mod than that!

And once for Halloween....

If you are interested in the 60's fashion,  Eddie, Warhol, or The Factory,
  Factory Girl is a worthwhile movie.
The fashion is on point!

For truly amazoid authentic 60's mod fashion films check out
  Who Are You, Polly Magoo?
Available on DVD through Netflix.
And Blow Up also available through Netflix
One of her movies Ciao! Manhatten is also available, it's pretty abstract / avaunt guard but if you can sit through it you get to see the real Eddie in action in all her fashion glory.  And surprisingly enough available through Netflix

There have been a couple books of photos of Eddie  published
Eddie: Girl on Fire
Eddie Factory Girl
a biography, Eddie: An American Girl

And of course
Pinterest is full of photos of her


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