My Competitive Edge

My Competitive edge.

Years of experience as an entertainer, I know the business

inside and out!

Have complete confidence in me and Premier Showgirls,

I have many years in the business of entertainment.

As a dancer, model, and Showgirl

My competitve edge is my experience in the talent / entertainment industry.
I was first a dancer but that led to many things from stunt work in motion pictures to the runway.
And everything in between.
I did what few entertainers actually achieve, I made a full time living.
That is not so rare in Las Vegas, but I am pretty proud I lived my dream and became a professional dancer/model/actress/host/brand ambassador...

Because of my knowledge and experience I am able to give all my clients personalized service and stear them in the direction that best suits their needs.
Because of my years as talent I know what it's like to be the talent, sometimes its the greatest job ever and sometimes it is tough work.  I understand, respect, and appreciate my talent because I know.
I also pay my talent standard rate, what they are worth.  You get what you pay for.  My reputation as performer was impeccable, with that reputation,  my appreciation of the talent themselves, and pay of my talent, talent wants to work for me.  
That gives me the pick of the litter.  I only work with those who I would not be embarrased to work along side as talent.  I pay well, but I demand the best.  100%


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