Faux Fur Cabinet

I saw this photo in a book.....

by Matt Maranian

I needed this in my life!

So I decided to make my own.  It is a SUPER easy project for anyone with a little bit of crafty know how.  No sewing, just some painting and gluing. 

I got my cabinet super cheap, it was a pretty ugly "French Country" multi colored 2 door cabinet.  

Step one was to sand, primer and paint.   I sanded and put a good coat of primer on the entire cabinet, inside and out.  Then using a high gloss black paint, painted the areas on the exterior that I would not be covering in fur.  On the inside I painted the shelves and walls using gloss black and white paint.  Then I measured (measure twice cut once) the areas that I wanted to cover with faux fur.  Cut the fur to size.  I decided to use Velcro to attach the fur to the cabinet, I knew that using white fur it would get dirty and I would want to replace it, and Velcro would allow me to do that.

I hot glued the Velcro to the cabinet.  You can hot glue the Velcro to the fur as well.  I used my sewing machine and stitched it on lickety split.  Do not use the Velcro that is pre glued.  It is not tacky enough to hold either surface for very long.  You cannot sew through it! 


So once the cabinet is painted and dried.  Faux fur is measured and cut.  Velcro is attached to both surfaces.  Stick the fur in place and whalla your cabinet is fabulously fab!

I added some great vintage drawer pulls....


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