Showgirl Inspiration

People ask me from time to time where I get inspiration for costumes.

Where do my ideas come from?

For the most part they just come to me, either as I am building a costume or they just pop into my head.

But occasionally they come from other costumes - 

A classic musical number from the 70's, the era of the fabu variety shows!!!

You have to see this so do watch it, it's short.

Linda Carter and only Linda Carter could pull this off!

The hat above is inspired by Linda's hat in the number.   

And here are the KISS inspired costumes.  The idea came from this video and I just made them Sexy Rock n Roll Showgirls!  KISS style!!

The Star Child

The Cat Women!

The Demon and the Space Ace!

Demons Stick Together!!!

Star Children Unite!

The Demon Girl struts her stuff!

Sexy Spacey Ace on the runway.



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